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Extruded nets for the filtration industry and filtration media support

DelStar offers you a unique range of nets of varying polymers and structures. These nets give you a variety of possibilities as support media for precision filtration.

Adjusting the emboss pattern, degree and direction of stretch and the polymer blends, we can tailor the structure of the net to your individual application or requirements. This process produces a highly uniform geometric pattern. If hole size is important to you, this process gives you precision.

Our nets are used by some of the largest filtration companies worldwide.

Whether you are looking for strong media support with our polypropylene nets or delicate soft feel of our blended nets, often used in face masks, we will match a net to your process.

Polypropylene nets and apertured film

Our Polypropylene nets are providing a pleated media support in the filter cartridges of some of biggest names in filtration. The nets allow increased surface area and dimensional stability. Our low-shrinking nets are proven to help prevent leaks or breaks from developing in filter cartridges. The three-dimensional structure of our nets provide separation to allow flow between filtration membranes.

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  • Industrial filtration
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