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First Aid

First aid dressing materials

Our long experience in producing skin contact materials gives us in depth knowledge in the production of films suitable for use in the manufacture of first aid dressings. We develop and manufacture polyurethane (PU) films from a wide range of resins and additives, allowing us to fine tune the qualities polyurethane film can offer, such as;

breathability (moisture vapour transmission)
transparency or colour
surface texture
physical strength

Breathable Film

Through selection of polymers and additives we can adjust the amount of moisture transfer through our films. It is this feature of our films that allows the long wear times of first-aid dressings while keeping the area covered dry. Some films such as PE based films need to be perforated to achieve this.

Thin Breathable Film

A further increase in breathability can be achieved by reducing the weight or thickness of our films. We have processed our films down to 15 gsm, in some cases this doubles the amount of moisture that can be transferred. Please ask us for more details or samples. 


PU is a naturally strong product and used in many areas as surface protection, for added strength, such as a tough first aid dressing, suitable for outdoor protection we can add a scrim. See our RF60 range; scrim reinforced medical grade polyurethane/urethane film on paper carrier.


By choosing different polymers and additives as well as surface treatments we can create waterproof films at levels required to suit most situations. In first aid dressing manufacture this can give a totally waterproof protection to wounds.

Conformable Film

Our PU films are easily extensible-easy to stretch, elastic, and soft when compared to PE film. This leads to comfort and increased wear-ability, when compared to PE, Fabric or PVC. Because the product conforms to the shape of the area and stretches and rebounds, and so bandages or dressings stay on longer.

Bacterial barrier

There is no need to perforate our breathable film products so the film will remain a complete barrier to bacteria.


Our advanced knowledge and management of adhesives allows us to create a variety of adhesive technologies, suitable to a wide range of technical applications.

Our A16 adhesive is a specifically developed skin/medical adhesive that has long use in medical products and has ISO 10993 approval. It is a high-grab/instant tack that can be sterilised and will not give adhesive offset (adhesive left on the skin on removal). We have the facility to support product and adhesive optimisation through volunteer and panelwear trials.

Our adhesives are breathable which allows longer wear without skin maceration and we are developing a range low trauma adhesives that do not distress the skin surface on removal.

We have hot-melt adhesive coating facilities allowing us to screen/pattern coat. Patterned adhesive can give higher breathability and can be used to differentiate a product with its unique look.