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Heat Fusible Bonding Webs

DelStar Bonding Nets are precision engineered to give evenly sized and spaced adhesive dots, joined by thin polymer strands. Through control of our process it is possible to give nets with a wide range of adhesive dot size, adhesive dot spacing, thicknesses, basis weight, hole size, hole shape and open area.

We develop and manufacture nets produced from HDPE (high density polyethylene) or PP (polypropylene). Nets are available as single layer materials or two layer nets with an additional lower-temperature Melting Layer for Bonding at higher speeds or to more delicate Fabrics.


Nets can be produced with a lower Melting temperature Fusible Layer on one or both sides of the HDPE or PP "backbone". A range of Fusible Layers are available, with different softening temperatures and flow characteristics to enable Bonding to wide variety of substrates.
Using a two sided Bonding net with a lower temperature Fusible Layer on one side gives the possibility of two-step bonding. The first bond is formed at a lower temperature, giving a net fused to the first substrate. A second substrate can then be bonded to the other surface of the net at a higher temperature.


Bonding nets are available in widths up to 1900mm (75 inches). We can offer nets slit to widths as low as 26mm (1 inch).

The thickness of DelStar Bonding Nets as currently supplied is typically between 110µm (4mil) and 150µm (6mil).

DelNets have dot spacing from 24 per inch up to 42 per inch. Through our engineered process, spacing in the machine direction and transverse direction can be defined and controlled separately. Our Bonding Nets are available in a range of structures. HDPE Nets have a hexagonal structure with triangular holes and PP Nets have rectangular or square holes.
Bonding nets can be produced in a range of colours if required, or with added functionality such as antimicrobials or fluorescing agents.


DelStar Bonding nets are physically strong allowing for easy conversion through Fusing and lamination equipment without stretching.

Bonding Nets are used for Heat activated Bonding through a range of Fusing and lamination processes to join or reinforce Fabrics, nonwovens and other substrates without the need for sewing or stitching.

Bonding nets are clean to process without residues or linting that can be associated with powder or nonwoven Bonding Layers and processes.

Fabric Properties

The structure of our Bonding nets means that physical strength is achieved without compromising on flexibility, drape or breathability permeability. Bonding nets can be used to reinforce delicate and difficult to handle Fabrics, improving tensile strength and tear resistance.


DelStar Bonding Nets are used in a wide range of applications, including Textile and Clothing, Medical, Industrial among others.

Current Applications for DelStar Bonding Nets include Operating Theatre Drapes, Facemask stiffeners, Non-Adherent Layers in Wound Care, Adhesive Layers in Garment Interlinings, Adhesives Layers in Intimate Apparel, Seam Tapes in Garment Construction and as layers in absorbent pads used in medical and food contact applications.

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If you would like to know more about the properties of our bonding nets and how they could help enhance your products or process, please contact us at; or telephone +44 (0)1430 440757 to discuss in more detail and request a sample.