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Direct communication

At the heart of our manufacturing operation is the willingness to achieve integration with our customers and their processes. We have a culture of developing focus around fine-tuning. The flexible and adaptive nature of our project team has been well received by countless customers around the world as we make every effort to achieve new standards in project delivery. We communicate openly with our customers allowing corresponding teams to speak directly to each other; lean to lean, quality to quality.

We also employ great people and it is these people that make great teams. When they integrate into customer innovation teams, research and development departments and with product designers, this extended team becomes one of excellence.

This insistence on extended team integration at Delstar has helped develop massive skills and positioned us as a world renowned solutions provider. 

We thrive on dilemmas and it’s our ability to create solutions that are born out of our in-depth knowledge of both product and manufacturing processes. The demand for astute and robust applications from varied industries brings out the best in our project team. This is an opportunity for you to match our rapid responsiveness to your specific product development needs. 

Intelligent polymer technology

Delstar create innovations from intelligent polymer technology. We are predominant in the extruded films and nets market. We have powered on to provide new applications and solutions with over 30 years success in this particular market. From our success in the medical, waterproof, breathable dressings market, we have integrated high-quality standards and quality assurance into all of our processes across a large range of industries and markets. We can develop and manufacture films and nets from a wide range of resins and additives and extrude onto a variety of carriers, with a diverse selection of stripping loads.