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Expert in films and nets for medical markets

From our success in the medical, waterproof, breathable dressings market, we have integrated high-quality standards and quality assurance into all of our processes. We draw from our long heritage working within advanced wound care and medical environments and can develop and manufacture films and nets from a wide range of resins and additives and extrude onto a variety of carriers, with a diverse selection of stripping loads. We have adhesive coating and downstream processing available as well as the ability to corona treat on-line. There are direct lamination and slitting facilities available to make our manufacturing process truly flexible.

Our nets give an even distribution of adhesive giving a smooth flat surface where it is important to have a flat, uniform structure for lamination in interlinings.

Our co-extruded net gives layers with different bonding temperatures, allowing either a two step lamination at differing temperatures or a lamination to one side, leaving an intact net structure. Thus strengthening the laminate and providing a smooth soft feel.

  • Wound contact
  • Clothing production and development
  • Breathable films and apertured mesh
  • Anti-bacterial protection for fabrics
  • Nets for face masks