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Ostomy pouch construction materials

Nets for filters

Our nets for filters can be easily laminated and allow efficient filter encapsulation. They are specifically designed and manufactured for ostomy applications and are very easy to process. They have a fine, open structure that prevents the filter from blocking.

  • Prevents bag inflation
  • Lets gas escape
  • Protects from contamination

Films for flange construction

It is important for ostomy flanges to be highly comfortable when in use. To aid this, our films allow moisture to escape and prevent skin maceration. A robust construction will give the wearer security and confidence and should protect the hydrocolloid when showering ensuring high performance at all times.

  • Soft
  • Breathable
  • Non-linking (clean and durable)
  • Waterproof
  • Weldable

Films for hydrocolloid backing

Ensuring patient comfort and protection is the most important factor in ostomy design and construction. Our specially-manufactured films for hydrocolloid backing guarantee comfort, security and protection for the wearer through a range of film product qualities:

  • Conformable, flexible, low-shear
  • Breathable, allows moisture to escape, prevents skin maceration
  • Waterproof, protection when showering
  • Matt, soft and discrete
  • Low swell
  • High strength, robust construction
  • Weldable and easy to process