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Willingness to achieve

At the heart of our manufacturing operation is the willingness to achieve integration with our customers and their processes. We have a culture of developing focus around fine-tuning and materials choices. The flexible and adaptive nature of our project team has been well received by countless customers around the world as we make every effort to achieve new standards in project delivery. We believe in direct communication; our experts talking to your experts, your quality team talking to our quality team and these processes not affected by sales teams.

We are leading the development of products to satisfy the demanding quality standards of manufacturers across a wide variety of applications. Our manufacturing site has extensive in-house production capacity incorporating, bi-axial net manufacturing lines, film lines, adhesive coating and foam casting capability.

  • Extensive in-house production capacity
  • Manufacture products from a wide range of resins and additives
  • Customise and innovate to our customer and market needs
  • Develop new and innovative materials

We have a continual investment programme to upgrade and modernise our facilities through process engineering driven improvement and statistical process control.

We consider all the product design elements, specifically the role of substrates and adhesives, as one process. We can manufacture products from a wide range of resins and additives, and extrude onto a variety of carriers with a diverse selection of stripping loads. There are adhesive coating facilities and additional downstream processing available and all films can be corona treated on-line. With direct lamination and slitting facilities also available, the process is truly flexible.

We have strong relationships with qualified subcontractors who are experts in their field, allowing delivery of a custom-made product at different levels of completion to suit customer requirements and we will make-to-order to agreed lead-times.

We are an adaptable, technical, R&D organisation which continues to customise and innovate to our customer and their markets' needs. From product concept through to launch, the commitment is to meet all agreed schedules and deadlines. Accelerating product development time is at the forefront of our approach. There is a dedicated resource to develop new and innovative materials, which can be used by you to further develop market share in your markets worldwide.

  • Adhesive coating and downstream processing
  • Corona treat on-line
  • Direct lamination and slitting facilities
  • Extended team integration

Extruded polyurethane films

  • Monolithic or microporous
  • Superior control of critical properties such as moisture vapour transmission, carrier stripping load, surface and physical strength characteristics to suit each individual application
  • Choice of a wide range of carrier systems to achieve best fit for each end product
  • Can be equipped with our unique antimicrobial silver technology
  • Polymeric nets

Co-extruded nets

Polyethylene, polypropylene and co-extruded nets (apertured films) that can be equipped with our antimicrobial silver technology with dimensional and physical properties tailored to suit a wide range of medical and industrial applications such as:

  • Low adherent facings for medical and first aid dressings
  • Medical and industrial lamination, equipped with a low melting polymer layer
  • Support media for precision filtration materials
  • Automotive, horticultural, cheese-making, textile and many other applications


Our advanced knowledge and management of adhesives allows us to create a variety of adhesive technologies, suitable to a wide range of technical applications.

We have hot-melt adhesive coating facilities allowing us to screen/pattern coat. Patterned adhesive can give higher breathability and can be used to differentiate a product with its unique look.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve service and remove unnecessary waste and time from our processes. Working closely with our customers to ensure we find the best fit to their process, sharing knowledge and system improvements. With continual improvement being at the heart of our lean manufacturing processes (TPS, Kaizen, 6-Sigma etc.), our key objective is to run leaner and efficiently increase productivity and improve quality whilst lowering costs and reducing waste.

Our team has many year's experience in implementing Lean in the workplace, and we are extremely well-poised to integrate our processes with our customer's systems. It is our quest for continual improvement, and implementation of Lean Manufacturing that makes DelStar competitive and synergistic.