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RC0307-09P (formerly PF62) Polypropylene Net – Hot Oil Resistance


Testing of our RC0307-09P Polypropylene Net has shown that it retains its properties in a range of challenging environments.
RC0307-09P was aged for 28 days under the following conditions;
Hot Air at 100°C
Immersed in Water at 66°C
Immersed in Synthetic Cooling Oil at 100°C
Immersed in Mineral Hydraulic Oil at 100°C

Aged materials were then tested in comparison to unaged control samples. We found that the tensile strength of RC0307-09P is not reduced by ageing, and that elongation at break remains low when compared to a competitor’s polymeric pleat support net. 
Ageing has not resulted in the net being significantly weakened, softened or plasticised.

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