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Our quality

At Delstar we are committed to maintaining quality and satisfying customer needs at the highest levels. The company is accredited to ISO 9001. We have a strong understanding of the approval processes required for medical devices in the USA and Europe as well as many other world markets, especially in Asia including Japan. We will build-in the quality mechanism and adopt the processes that you require to meet quality standards in your own market.

We constantly challenge our current methods of production and processing and improve on them whenever possible. The benefits of these internal processes are passed on to you as the customer to improve your products and your competitiveness. We also constantly review, identify and implement best practice supply chain processes to ensure continuity.

Audits of the manufacturing site are performed on a regular basis, clean-room conditions and clean manufacturing facilities are available. 

  • Accredited to ISO 9001
  • Audited by BSI
  • Approval processes - medical devices USA, Europe, many other world markets 
  • Identify and implement best-practice supply chain processes 
  • Clean room conditions and clean manufacturing facilities